Rosemary Mini Coloring Planner




A few days ago, I planted a new rosemary herb to replace the one that died. They don’t live forever, you know.:( I forget how old it was but it was huge – like a shrub! Hopefully, this one will do as well.

The Rosemary Mini Coloring Planner consists of an undated monthly calendar page, a Goals page that has room for three goals and their action steps; a page for To Dos, everyday tasks, and appointments; two pages for your daily schedule; and, a habit tracker page for the month.

Important note: This product comes as a PDF file that you view & download from The pages are US Letter size – 8.5″ x 11″, and have a small white border on each page for you to print at home (or a print shop, if you prefer). After checkout, you will receive a link to the file at Dropbox.


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